Project Description

Data Logging with a Netduino Plus 2.

The Dutch 'Smart' electricity meter is equipped with a P1 port that, if triggered, delivers a message every 10 seconds with information on consumed electricity (kWh), delivered electricity (kWh), current usage (kW), current delivery (kW), which tariff is being used and, if a 'Smart' gas meter is connected, gas meter measure (m3). Also a kWh meter for for example PV logging can be connected via a S0 connection and logged to etc. Any other device with a S0 port can be connected. You can switch devices on and off via a relais. There is much more in this program, just download and start reading in the manual and on the wiki pages that are delivered with the Web Pages part.

Programming by JoopC. Thanks for your wonderful work!

Update 2017-01-15:

NEW - Version DAta Logging Ultimate Edition

Released 15th January 2017
In this release:
  • Many Bugfixes
  • Updated Web Pages
  • New Windows Mobile app soon available (old app will not work on this release)
  • Network but that sometimes caused hangs of the Netduino is fixed

Update 2015-05-20:

Now Available: Shield for this project designed by P. Hamers

The shield makes the following available for you:
  • 4 x S0 bus
  • 2 x 1-Wire bus
  • 1 x P1 interface (for dutch smart meter)
  • 3 x I2C interface
  • 1 x COM-port
  • 1 x Resetbutton (connection available for external resetbutton)
  • Watchdog timer (on/off via jumper)

Update 2016-12-06:

Version DAta Logging Ultimate Edition

Released 6th December 2016
In this release:
  • Bugfixes

Update 2016-12-02:

Version DAta Logging Ultimate Edition

Released 2nd December 2016
In this release:
  • Volt shunt for AC and DC
  • Calculation Ohms Law and Shunt build in
  • asc712 support for AC and DC
  • ads1115 support for Analog to Digital for precise measuring
  • Flow Meter support for water speed, totals, and COP calculations
  • ds18b20 renewed now with oneWire support
  • tmp36 now over ads1115 for precise measuring
  • manual online in the web-pages (only in Dutch)

Update 2016-01-26:

Version DAta Logging Ultimate Edition

Released 26th of January 2016

Update 2015-09-25:

Windows Mobile phone App V3.8.5.1

New Windows Phone App released to the store for testing the new code. Do not update to the new App if you do not have the new beta code.

Update 2014-12-13:

Version 3.7.0 DAta Logging Ultimate Edition

Released 13th December 2014
In this release:
  • Windows Phone App
  • Source Code for the Netduino Plus 2 software
  • HEX file for the Netduino Plus 2 software
  • Web pages
  • Installation Manual
New features:
  • Display data from on the Windows Phone App, you don't even need a Netduino Plus 2!
  • Change the fonts and colors in the themes in the Windows Phone App
  • Change the display of the data on the Windows Phone App
  • Landscape support for the charts in the Windows Phone App
  • Charts with weather information
  • New functionality in the Netduino Software to make all of the above possible
  • Bug fixes in the Netduino Software

Update 2014-10-16:

Version 3.6.0 DAta Logging Ultimate Edition

Released 16th October 2014
New release with new name for the project
  • Prepared for the upcoming Windows Phone App
  • All documentation accessible via webbrowser (Wiki)
  • Configurable datalogging for Smartmeter (serial port parameters)
  • Configurable datalogging for Smartmeter (what data needs to be extracted)
  • Logging to
  • And much more!

Update 2014-03-12:

Version 3.2.1 DAta Logging Ultimate Edition

Released 12th march 2014

Update 2014-02-25:

Version DAta Logging for Beta firmware 4.3.1 Netduino Plus 2

Released 25th February 2014

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