Project Description
Data Logging with a Netduino Plus 2.
The Dutch 'Smart' electricity meter is equipped with a P1 port that, if triggered, delivers a message every 10 seconds with information on consumed electricity (kWh), delivered electricity (kWh), current usage (kW), current delivery (kW), which tariff is being used and, if a 'Smart' gas meter is connected, gas meter measure (m3). Also a kWh meter for for example PV logging can be connected via a S0 connection and logged to etc. Any other device with a S0 port can be connected. You can switch devices on and off via a relais. There is much more in this program, just download and start reading in the manual and on the wiki pages that are delivered with the Web Pages part.

Update 2015-05-20:

Now Available: Shield for this project designed by P. Hamers

The shield makes the following available for you:
  • 4 x S0 bus
  • 2 x 1-Wire bus
  • 1 x P1 interface (for dutch smart meter)
  • 3 x I2C interface
  • 1 x COM-port
  • 1 x Resetbutton (connection available for external resetbutton)
  • Watchdog timer (on/off via jumper)


NEW - V3.7.0 DAta Logging Ultimate Edition

Released 13th December 2014
In this release:
  • Windows Phone App
  • Source Code for the Netduino Plus 2 software
  • HEX file for the Netduino Plus 2 software
  • Web pages
  • Installation Manual

New features:
  • Display data from on the Windows Phone App, you don't even need a Netduino Plus 2!
  • Change the fonts and colors in the themes in the Windows Phone App
  • Change the display of the data on the Windows Phone App
  • Landscape support for the charts in the Windows Phone App
  • Charts with weather information
  • New functionality in the Netduino Software to make all of the above possible
  • Bug fixes in the Netduino Software

! Now in beta, the Windows Phone 8.1 Data Logging Ultimate Edition App

OLD - V3.6.0 DAta Logging Ultimate Edition

Released 16th October 2014
New release with new name for the project
  • Prepared for the upcoming Windows Phone App
  • All documentation accessible via webbrowser (Wiki)
  • Configurable datalogging for Smartmeter (serial port parameters)
  • Configurable datalogging for Smartmeter (what data needs to be extracted)
  • Logging to
  • And much more!

Programming by JoopC
Thanks for your wonderful work!

OLD - V3.2.1 DAta Logging Ultimate Edition

Released 12th march 2014

OLD - V3.1.0.1 DAta Logging for Beta firmware 4.3.1 Netduino Plus 2

Released 25th February 2014

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